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Exploring Social-Political Issues Beyond International Borders

Unfiltered San Antonio

by Delasofia Zacarias | September 3, 2019

"Human rights injustices are not contained to one country or location. These socio-political issues go beyond international borders. San Antonio-based artist Andrei Renteria sat with us to discuss his experience during his 2017 Blue Star Contemporary Berlin Residency and how his artistic practice is offering an access point to further explore and discuss accounts of violence, intimidation, drugs, and free speech in his home country of Mexic...Read More

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YLA 22:¡Ahora! – Activist Art in Austin

Huffington Post

by Christian Sarkar | July 13, 2017

YLA 22: ¡Ahora! features eight Young Latinx Artists from across Texas confronting contemporary socio-political issues in the United States. The exhibit will open to the public with a reception, including live music by the Tiarra Girls on Friday, July 14th (2017) from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. Mexic-Arte Museum, 419 Congress Ave, Austin, Texas 78701


Andrei Renteria: The Language of Violence & the Battle Against Silence

Latinx Spaces

by Marissa Del Toro | June 13, 2019

"Last year Andrei Renteria, San Antonio-based artist and recent awardee of The George A. and Eliza Gardner Howard Foundation at Brown University, participated in a three month residency in Berlin, Germany. The program, sponsored by Blue Star Contemporary in partnership with the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, awarded four Bexar County (San Antonio, Texas) artists to take part in the three-month residency. The Künstlerhaus Bethanien hosts artists from around the world at their facility located in Berlin’s Kreuzberg borough, the city’s vibrant alternative art center."

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8 Texan Artists Take on Identity & Politics


by Araceli Cruz | July 18, 2017

“In an era of socio-political upheaval in the United States -– from U.S.-Mexico border relations, to widespread economic inequalities, increased racial tensions, and subsequent hate on the rise across the country — the selected artists navigate matters of gender restrictions, immigration politics, cultural heritage, and privilege. Their artworks confront viewers with prominent issues of the contemporary Latinx experience in the United States.”

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